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Shefa (meaning “prosperity” and a Hebrew acronym for “Advancement of Business Activity”) is a non-profit organization, aimed at promoting small and medium-sized businesses by word of mouth marketing.
Shefa invites you to a compelling meeting with the aim of creating business leads via the personal and business circles of acquaintances of all members of the Shefa groups. Shefa members encompass a wide range of professions and industries, and this is the lever that promotes the business and personal empowerment of each of its members.
We invite you, as a guest, to two of our weekly meetings, with no obligation and at no cost (there may be a small charge for a light meal) to experience the group atmosphere, its dynamics, and its business potential. This will also give us the opportunity to get acquainted!

We have every confidence, that as a business owner, you will quickly see the benefits and growth that Shefa can bring to your business.



The Age of Prosperity
Shefa is a pioneer in the field of business networking in Israel. It all started in 2002, when a group of prominent women from Even Yehuda decided to get together with the aim of promoting business by word-of-mouth marketing and in a limited gathering over coffee and cake.


These women chose "The Wine House" at kibbutz Ma’abarot as the ideal venue for their meetings. Over coffee and cake, they came up with an idea, which in time proved to be a stroke of genius: The creation of a comprehensive business dimension to these meetings.

Without hesitation and with total confidence, these businesswomen began formulating the goals and objectives of their next dream: The establishment of a networking organization that would serve as a supportive network and fertile ground for the business development and personal empowerment of its members. These women chose what seemed like the obvious name for the organization: Shefa – meaning “prosperity” and a Hebrew acronym for “Advancement of Business Activity”.

The next and most natural step was recruiting members, men and women alike. Those who visited these networking meetings recognized the business potential that was taking shape and decided to become Shefa members. It took less than two years to establish five Shefa business groups in the Sharon area alone!

Tiny businesses became small businesses, which grew to medium-sized businesses and eventually to large businesses.


To this day, Shefa has succeeded in retaining its social spark. New guests who come along to the various groups always marvel at the unique combination of business networking and supportive social ties.  

For further details about Shefa, contact Oran Aviv  -   אורן אביב  at oran@reflexandmore.com , 057-5533856 , or fill out and send  this form.



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